Call Of Duty

I’m actually surprised there isn’t a topic for the call of duty franchise as a whole (Yes I know there was a topic for black ops 3, but this is for all past present and future games)
Although in recent years the quality of the games has gone down, the older ones were still fun. Like the series? Hate It? Dissatisfied with the state of the franchise as a whole? What’s your favorite game? This is where you can discuss it!
Personally I really enjoyed the Modern warfare trilogy and the first two black ops games. COD 3 will always have s special place in my heart though due to countless hours of playing multiplayer with friends.


I like everything from Cod4 to black ops 2. Ghosts wasn’t that great. I absolutely despise Advanced warfare. I don’t like he advanced movement and all the weapon variants. Black ops 3 was pretty good. I don’t care for infinite warfare. All this is coming from a person who has played each extensively.

As far as favorites and least favorites:


• Favorite

  • Modern Warfare 2

• Least favorite

  • Black Ops 3


• Favorite

  • Black Ops 2

• Least favorite

  • Advanced Warfare

I really hope we get a world at war remastered either next year or the year after. That is also on of my favorites. One thing I’ve noticed is many of the people who play CoD now haven’t experienced the older games. In my opinion, those were some of the best.

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Black ops 2 is also my favorite for campaign
I’ve had the game for 4-5 months now, I’m close to prestige 3

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Halo 5 was my favorite COD


Ohhhhhhh boy. Opinion time!

Black Ops was my first foray into the CoD world, and one of my first experiences with a (at the time) next gen game. Played the multiplayer ALL THE TIME and got to Level 50 pretty quick, although didn’t prestige because I thought the concept was stupid (and still do). Played the campaign with the sound off the majority of the time, so I had absolutely NO idea what it was about until years later. Didn’t play zombies that often, but when I did, I loved me some “Five”.

Modern Warfare 2 was my next game, and is my personal favorite. I preferred it to Black Ops because of the contemporary setting. The campaign is just fantastic. All the lead characters are just so dang likable and cool, even if they are kind of one-dimensional, and seeing Washington D.C. in flames because of foreign attackers is still really cool to see. Spec Ops was a fun time waster, but multiplayer just can’t be beat. Almost every multiplayer map from that game is iconic. Terminal, Rust, Favela, Estate, Skidrow, Boneyard, Afghan, etc. Nothing beats blasting enemies in an AC-130 after a 10 kill streak.

Modern Warfare 3 was everything I hoped it would be. After getting hooked on the MW story, I was really physicked to see how the trilogy would wrap itself up. It was personal this time, and while I wish the Army Rangers from MW2 had returned, seeing Price and Soap on a mission of vengeance while occasionally trading intel with Team Metal was great. Soap’s death (c’mon, the game has been out for 5 years, that’s not a spoiler at this point) remains in my top emotional gaming moments, and finally finishing off Makarov was sooo satisfying. Spec Op’s new survival mode was the best. My friend from across the street and I would spend HOURS playing Survival on Underground. We got as far as Round 45 or something once. Multiplayer was also great, and I spend a lot of time there too.

Modern Warfare 1 (CoD4) is one I got in late to. I got it for $15 off the PSN in early 2012 so I could play the campaign. The multiplayer was a hack fest by that point so I didn’t spend too much time in it, so my impressions are of the Remaster down below. The campaign is good. Everyone knows how great the campaign is by now, so I won’t bother talking about it.

Black Ops II is where things start to go downhill a bit. I wasn’t so sure about the futuristic setting, but after seeing some of the additions to multiplayer at a friend’s house (mainly the option to switch firing modes) convinced me to get the game. I love the campaign. After reading up on what happened in the first BO game, I really enjoyed the branching paths of the story, and the score added a great feel to it. That’s where my praise will stop. Hardly touched zombies, and at this point in CoD’s life, quickscopers were everywhere. Once I reached Level 50 (which didn’t take long) I started getting put into matches with only quickscopers, while I was trying to use my assault rifle like a normal person. I grew tired of BOII very quickly, and took it back to GameStop in a rage.

Ghosts had a lot riding on it. Infinity Ward was my preferred studio, and the character personalization was something I had been wanting for awhile. However, the campaign was bad. Like, really bad. Some of the missions were exciting, and the game felt great as always, but nothing convinced me to like the characters. As always your guy didn’t speak, and your brother was just annoying. Riley the CoD Dog was highly advertised, but barely in the game, and the villain was something out of a comic book. Multiplayer was no better than in BOII. Quickscopers everywhere. I was pretty tired of CoD at this point, but then the PS4 launched, and I got the $10 upgrade thingie, and actually, the game was great for about five months. At that time, everyone that had a PS4 was a more mature gamer, and played the game like how it was to be played. I really enjoyed it for a time. By March of 2014 though, the quickscopers were back and I left for good, save for the occasional round of Infected.

I skipped Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III because I’m in the camp that thinks the wall-running should stay in Titanfall. I was done with CoD for good, and the only way I would go back is if the MW games were remastered. Well, enter Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare is not what I bought. I bought an $80 remaster of one of the best FPS games of all time. It just happened to have a new CoD game attached to it. For what it’s worth, the game is ok. Zombies in Spaceland is actually kind of enjoyable, but I won’t touch the multiplayer because of how bad the BETAs were. The map design is just horrendous. The campaign is a valiant effort that gets points for trying. Its a decent story that could’ve gone farther that had two really likable characters in Omar and E3N “Ethan”. The segment where the soldier dies and you feel his heartbeat through your controller is fantastic. However, ultimately I feel it just doesn’t live up to the Infinity Ward pedigree, even though it basically is a different studio now than it was five years ago.

Modern Warfare: Remastered is bloody fantastic. Hats off to Raven Software for bringing this beauty of a game back to the land of the living. Multiplayer is sooooo gooood, and really makes me nostalgic for the old days. Everyone plays the way they should for the most part, and the map design is fantastic. I hope they release it separately from the bundle so more people can have the opportunity to play it. The graphics are almost on Uncharted 4 levels of pretty, and the sound track is so nostalgic. I love it to death.

So that’s my history with CoD. Kinda nice to have that written down.

I have only ever prestiged in black ops 2 but the reason that I like it is because you can unlock an extra class slot as well as permanently unlock any item, it let’s you try and unlock different things the next time around. Also when you get max prestige you unlock every item. That’s just In my black ops 2 mp experience. I Don play multilayer on my pc cods cuz there’s roo many hackers. Or at least in the mw trilogy

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I’ve played World at War’s campaign recently, and I really like it. While I’m not to great at turret sections, and turret sections themselves are pretty cliche, my favorite mission was Black Cats, if not only for the soundtrack. Really enforces the sense of chaos about being the only American gunship in a swarm of Japanese planes and boats.
It was refreshing to see the Pacific Theater for once, in the eyes of an American. When doing those missions my go-to weapons were the Japanese Type 100 SMG and the American M1 Garand.
I absolutely adored the Russian missions. I really got attached to Reznov and Petrenko making both their deaths in Black Ops all the more tragic. The T34 mission was also kind of fun, a refreshing vehicle section in a series dominated by on-foot. I usually run the Gewehr 43/SturmGewehr 44 and the PPSh-41, though, when it’s available, I also use the PTRS-1.
All in all, WaW is my favorite CoD. IMO the campaign felt more intense than in other CoDs, mainly because of it’s emphasis on open warfare and lack of stealth/behind enemy lines stuff. I can’t wait to get into multiplayer, though I hear it’s riddled with hackers.

I haven’t played any COD game in a while but they were pretty good

The thing I hate most about CoD is the little “culture” it spawned. Quickscoping really ruins the franchise for me.


The only time it’s acceptable is when you have to make a quick close range kill and it’s too late to swap to your pistol


I only bought some of the games for zombies

I used to like them, but it just got so repetitive, the new games could perfectly be named Cod: black ghosts warfare

Except each game in a series always has certain similarities

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I bought Black Ops for the Wii for $5 from a friend at school.

I played the first mission, and then had the game confiscated, for being Call of Duty.

The Black Ops 3 Beta was pretty fun…

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Only now did I realize there was no topic for this, which is surprising.

Anywho, I like this series overall, but my relationship to the series can basically be compared to Ross and Rachel in Friends.

It started great at first with CoD4, which I had heard great things of. At the time I hadn’t played anything like that before, and it simply blew my mind away. I fell in love with both the campaign and the multiplayer and to date it still remains my favorite in the series.

So naturally I was highly anticipating Modern Warfare 2, which was one of the first games that I was really hyping up. It was overall a great game which I’ve sunk many hours into, but I couldn’t help feeling disappointed with certain aspects of it. For instance how the campaign was filled with plot holes and tried to be as over the top as much as possible in contrast to CoD4 which was more sparingly in that regard. Also the multiplayer was completely unbalanced, but it was still really fun.

Then came Black Ops, which I recall everyone being stoked about how great that campaign was. I never got into it though, but luckily the multiplayer was pretty great and a lot more balanced than MW2. Also it was pretty cool that it was set in the Cold War.

However, it was at this time that I started to become tired of CoD, as I felt that the games felt stale and just the same every year. So I skipped both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 at first, but still got them a few months later down the line out of curiosity. And I guess that’s where I got into the series again.

Modern a Warfare 3 was, for me at least, a great ending to the trilogy and I felt that it ended on a satisfying note. I didn’t play much of the multiplayer though, it seemed good but I was still a bit tired of the same old concept.

My feelings for Black Ops 2 was fairly similar, didn’t play much of the multiplayer but the campaign was something else. Branching paths, more options for customizable load outs and tackling the missions and easily the best villain the series, made for the best campaign in the series since CoD4.

So now that I was back in the series, what could possibly go wrong? Well, they announced Ghosts which looked like a joke, especially in comparison to Battlefield 4 that was released the same year (albeit in a broken state). I did end up getting it still, but this was after Advanced Warfare. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The campaign threw so many ideas in but barely made anything with it, and any sense of logic was completely thrown out of the window. The multiplayer was still the same deal and didn’t keep my attention at all.

Now is where things might get controversial, as we come to Advanced Warfare and… I actually really liked it. A lot. The campaign was fun, although the story was predictable and pretty much ripped off from Tom Clancy’s Hawx. But the movement system and the added verticality was completely fresh, and it was something that I felt CoD needed after so many years and games that it needed some innovation. I didn’t play much more of it though around the release of the first DLC, but not because I grew bored of it rather then new games coming up and my data capped internet not keeping up with these big updates.

So then came Black Ops 3, which I had really high hopes of considering how great Black Ops 2 was. Sadly, the campaign remains the worst in the series for me thanks to boring mission designs, lots and lots of cringeworthy lines (almost as cringeworthy as the Piraka Rap), and the true meaning of the story was hidden in such an obscure way that that is more mind blowing than the story itself. The multiplayer fared a lot better though, and while the movement system was scaled back a bit, it was still an enjoyable experience that ended up being the first game since the first Black Ops where I spent a lot of time throughout the year.

Now for Infinite Warfare, I haven’t gotten it yet. I want to get it because the campaign seems really interesting and of course the remaster of my favourite entry in the series. I played both multiplayer betas, but I was not impressed at all which surprised me considering how much I liked the multiplayer in Black Ops 3. It was just way to chaotic for my taste.

So there’s my long rambling on the series throughout the years. I’ve also played a few of the older ones. Call of Duty Classic was fun to play but it also hadn’t aged well. Finest Hour was alright, but the lack of checkpoints and the inconsistent difficulty made it a furiating experience at times. Call of Duty 3 I think I got half way through before I stopped, partly because it was rather bland and felt a bit cheesy, partly because they didn’t even bother with the PS3 version and partly because on Hardened difficulty it’s quite infuriating.

So I’ve been a bit on and off with this series, but I’m hopeful for the future. Rumor has it the next game is going to be set in Vietnam, which I think could be pretty cool. I also hope that it’s more barebones as far as perks, killstreaks and attachments go, like CoD4.

TL;DR My relationship with this series has been incredibly on and off, but I’m hopeful for the future.


Even though BF4’s campaign is pretty bad, I still like it more than Ghost’s, which is saying something. Also Battlefield 4 is just a great game overall with all the bugs fixed now.

I beat ghosts in a day
There were so many unused Ideas that were unused that could have made the story a lot better. The campaign was fun, but the story was pretty bad.
It’s also surprisingly easy on veteran, I never finished it cuz I was just borrowing the copy.


[quote=“Mrblackpants, post:17, topic:31365”]There were so many unused Ideas that were unused that could have made the story a lot better. The campaign was fun, but the story was pretty bad.

Definitely. The idea of a post apocalyptic USA overthrown by a bigger power, and playing the role as an elite soldier fighting with guerilla tactics is a very cool idea. And the fact the main characters are related should have made the story feel more personal.

But of course they couldn’t settle with just a few ideas, but had to cram so many different ones that are showcased in about 5 minutes. The dog is a perfect example, as it was a big part of the marketing but ended up being a thing in just one mission really, to make room for all the other things.


My thoughts on the franchise summed up:

Okay fine CoD:BO2 had a pretty alright multiplayer from what I remember. I avoid the rest of the series like the plague though.


“Space setting did not resonate with players” - Activision
“Oh gee, ya think?”- Me