CAMM - Crystal Alien Map Maker

So there’s not a topic for this, but I just found that it updated about a month or two ago…

Anybody remember that old Mars Mission flash game? The RTS, this one:
Well, a group of fans actually went and made a working level editor and offline port for it. It’s really cool:

I haven’t tried the latest update yet (it’s just QoL stuff, they have a very slow development, it seems) but I did use the 2019 version and it was a lot of fun to mess around with.

Kind of seems to have gone under the radar of most Lego communities, so thought it would be cool to post it here and let everyone know.

I figure this is the right topic…? I’m not involved with the project, so I didn’t want to put it in creative content.


YES! This is what I need in my life! I loved CAC back in the day and have played it off and on since then. This sounds cool, the next step would be to make multiplayer…


I love this game, and I’m really glad it’s finally getting some attention again! I went and downloaded CAMM right away.


I’ve actually known about this for quite a while now, stumbled upon it while digging through Lego Ideas, back when it was still Lego Cuusoo.

If you go to the linked wiki, they also have a list of all the cheat codes, and even a way to play as the alternate sides in the campaign! (Aliens on the Asto levels, for example)


This game is super nostalgic for me. Forgot it existed, for a while.

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sounds like a recipe to make some ridiculous level designs

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Just straigth up port over some of the more broken C&C map designs.

I mean, that’s basically what this is, the original C&C game, but with better path-finding and a unit cap.

I’ll have to keep this project in mind. Thanks for bringing this up.

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This is pretty dope, I loved this game growing up.