Can a Toa of iron use their elemental power to reshape a Kanoka into a Kanohi?

Since Toa of iron can reshape metallic protodermis, and Kanoka are made of metallic protodermis, is it possible for a Toa of iron to reshape a Kanoka into a Kanohi? Furthermore, would the process still cause energy leakage like a Ta-Matoran’s tools would, or would the power loss be lessened? If so, would a level 6 Kanoka be able to become a noble Kanohi?


a very interesting theory, would have been very cool to have been explored. i wish we’/de been able to see more of the toa of other, alternate elements in g1

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I personally doubt this would have worked in the canon. Like with a Toa of sonics imitating the scream of a Klakk to free Shadow Matoran, they probably would make up a reason that complicates it or makes it impractical to nearly impossible.
However, as it stands currently, I see no reason why this should or shouldn’t work.

If you wish to use this in a fanfiction you are probably better off never to have asked and just go for it. Just try to find a reason why this wouldn’t have been done all the time when Toa of Iron were still around, like requiring rare specialized knowledge or something of the sort. That would kind of break the economy of Ta-Metru.


I believe forging a Kanohi is more complicated than just reshaping a Kanoka. When you are forging a sword from a piece of metal you don’t simply reshape it like clay.

I was just wondering if it was a possibility within the canon. I’m curious if a mask making process without the use of heat or mask making tools would yield better results.

Was it stated somewhere that De-Toa can’t free Shadow Matoran like the Klakk?

The thing is, people can’t forge swords from metal without using furnaces, anvils, vice grips, grinders, files, oil drums, and sometimes even crucibles when casting. However, a toa of iron can simply manipulate the metal, like it’s clay, without need for tools like we do. There are no real life examples of this, save for maybe some softer metals like gold.

No. It was stated to be possible, but reasons where given that complicate it as to explain why it wasn’t simply done in the story.

As I said, somewhere between impractical and nearly impossible. Though that could also be a setup for a “Don’t tell me the odds” kinda situation

Yes. However, a Kanoka Disk uses its ability by impacting someone at a certain speed. A Mask works by willing the ability to work while wearing it.
If a Kanoka was shifted into the shape of a mask, its ability might still work on impact rather than by being worn, so you’d have a mask that you’d need to throw at people. Or it might not. In the former case, we’d at least need some kind of step to make it function as a mask, even if it’s only as vague as manipulating it “the right way”.


I didn’t say it’s impossible. I said it’s more complicated than what you were describing.

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No problem so long as the Toa of Sonics wields a mask of psychometry and has either successfully kidnapped Mutran or someone else who’s heard the call of the Klakk before!:point_up:

He wouldn’t even have to kidnap. Takanuva would be glad to help.

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No, they’d put all the Ta-Matoran forgers out of business.

Conceptually I don’t see how this wouldn’t work, except that a lot of Kanohi require blending Kanoka, the process of which may be more difficult than just sticking them together. I’m rusty on my Kanohi-forging techniques, though.

I don’t even want to know the odds of that one.
That said, the hardest part seemed to be knowing Klakk screams heal Shadow Matoran in the first place. Once he knew, Takanuva seemed to have no trouble getting them there.

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Yeah. It’s likely the case that even IRL cures for stuff aren’t all that hard or complicated,- a fair amount of the battle may very well be just be knowing what the thing is.

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