Can a Toa Seal be broken by...

So I was wondering whether or not a Toa Seal could be broken by beings other than a Toa when they wield the same power as the Toa who made the seal (for example, six makuta’s each using one of the following: gravity, plasma, magnetism, sonic, shadow, lightning).


I dont think makuta could as they are not using elemental abilitys but rather Rahkshi abilitys. Only two species can create and break Toa seals: Toa and Krahkas species. I dont think anybody else could

What if they used a mask power that replicates an elemental power?

Still would not work since power must come from toa. Using six masks would be equivalent of using six bohrok or bohrok kal

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No. Only Toa can make Toa Seal, therefore only Toa can release the Toa Seal (or someone using Elemental Energy drained directly from the corpse of the Toa).

Not quite; Krahka was able to make one.

Greg has stated that a Toa Seal has something to do with Toa Power, so the answer to the original example would be no, since Makuta do not have Toa Power.

(Of course, that also means that Krahka is able to copy Toa Power to some extent, which could have some interesting story implications.)


Maybe those implications might be something like Krahka having the ability to power-game the system, being able to make plenty of toa stones without getting drained since she could just copy more toa power afterward?