Can someone please help me!

I know this is really short and informal, but can someone tell me where I can buy Tahu Uniter at retail price that ships to Canada? He’s the only set I need to complete my collection!

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Uniter Tahu is consider to be the most difficult G2 set to find (exluding 2016 Summer wave outside of NA/EU) for some reason.
I would suggest traveling into “under-whelming” stores like K-mart to find older sets like Tahu.


I’m assuming that you’ve checked all your nearby retail outlets, a fair few of them near my area still have G2 stock (most K-marts and Big Ws).

You could check amazon, and ebay, although I doubt you’ll find anything cheap.

Otherwise, not really. I’m sure you could find someone in the community happy to ship it to you, however shipping won’t be subsidised in that case, for example, shipping from here to Canada would set you back around $25 AUD on top of the set, so it’s definitely not the cheapest way to go about it.

I love the way @Square describes K-mart as underwhelming, it is literally the best (read: Cheapest) place in the area to get LEGO down here :joy:


@Square The problem is I don’t really have any stores like that. The only places I’ve found Bionicles at are ToysRus and Walmart. I suppose I could ask if they had it in back, and I could always check Indigo.

@Doremarpool I went to ToysRus today, and I picked up some sets, but that didn’t have Tahu. I’m also assuming that they have everything on display too. Also, Walmart had nothing, unless there was something on the racks on the end of the aisle. Both Amazon and Ebay are too expensive, and the only place I could find one at retail (excluding shipping and taxes) was Bricklink. The only think I can think of doing at this point is getting on the phone with Lego and pleading to order one.

Anyways, sorry if I seem dismissive with your suggestions. I’m actually really thankful that you guys are helping me! It just I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been collecting sets since last summer, and I just really want to complete the collection. Sorry again.


I’m honestly not sure what other advice I can offer… your best bet would be to try and find someone in the community to mail one to you, probably in the US or Canada to keep shipping costs down.

You did actually help me think of one thing. There is a place where I bought a couple alien conquest sets a few years back. They’ve shifted their focus more to Playmoblie now, but they still might have some Lego.

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It could be different for some, but G2 has been wiped from the market where I live. Best bet is ordering it online.

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Yeah, I’m thinking that might be what I have to do.

I encountered a similar dilemma back in August: The only G2 sets left that I really wanted (because there was no way in Karzahni I’d be able to afford every single one) were Umarak the Hunter and Tahu Uniter. I couldn’t find them in stores, and ended up buying them off of the Indigo website, as I live in Canada as well. Upon checking the site once again, Tahu is no longer listed, and most sets there are out of stock, so the Indigo site is likely out of the question. If you have an Indigo store where you live, you should check there.

Amazon tells me that you can get him for sixty bucks (free shipping), so if that seems like a decent price, go for it before it inevitably increases. You could also try to scout out a good price on eBay, but there are no guarantees you’ll find one.

Sorry I can’t be of much help. You probably should’ve gone after the most popular Toa before now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m definitely going to check Indigo. That was always one of my plans, since that’s where I got Tahu last year. I’m going to the store tomorrow,

As for Amazon, it’s just too expensive for me. I’m trying to save up for a drawing tablet, and I’m taking money out of my saving to buy this already. Although, someone did tell me I should go to my ToysRus and ask if they could maybe check the other store around where I live and get it ordered in.

Anyways, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.