Can the Green control sentient plants?

Could Toa of the Green, Makuta, or Rahkshi of Plant Control influence sentient or sapient plants such as the Karzahni or the Morbuzakh? Could they control them as well as any other plant, or would they have to contend with the will of the plant itself? Would they be able to control their minds or their “bodies”? Neither? Both?


Good question, i have the same question for Onewa’s Mask of Mind Control and Kualus’ Mask of Rahi Control. Lewa used once the Kanohi Komau against a Nui Rama to drive him into the hive.

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I’d assume they could control their bodies like a blood bender in avatar. But they could resist it somewhat whith their “muscles”

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Now that you mention it, I’m also curious as to how psionic abilities would influence sentient plants.