Can the Kiril or Mask of Healing heal inorganic damage?

Is the Kiril or the Mask of Healing capable of regenerating the mechanical, inorganic components of beings?
From my understanding of the Mask of Healing, it only heals organic damage, while the Kiril only acts upon inanimate objects or structures, which would leave inorganic components not healable using either mask, however I haven’t found any definite mention on either. Is this correct?

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I would assume that the kiril would be able to repair inorganic parts of MU inhabitant, but I havent found confrimation or evidence either way

I presume the Kiril only can repair armors and Kanohi in a MU inhabitant, while the Mask of Healing would heal the “organic” tissues the MU inhabitants have, like their muscles or some disease on their lungs.