Can the "Wolfrat" be the Shallows Cat?

Hello Greg, I’d like to ask you a question on the Shallows Cat’s visual depiction/appearance.

So according to the BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated and the BIONICLE: World, the Shallows cats are panther-like Rahi, and a smaller & sleeker cousins of the Muaka cats.

In the unreleased BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui game, there’s a non-canon Rahi, resembling a smaller version of the Muaka, called Wolfrat, found in Ko-Wahi.
Here’s our little Rahi:

So could this “Wolfrat” be the official model/representation/visual depiction of the Shallows Cat?

For the LOMN was never released and its content is non-canon, it wouldn’t mean that any of the Shallows cats were ever on the island of Mata Nui, But we would have an official model for a canon Rahi.

Thanks for your time!


i think the wolfrat was supposed to be Muaka.

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Doubtfully. It’s model isn’t just a smaller Muaka; it’s a brand new model. Further more Wolf Rat is the name given in the files for the game, if it was intended to be a Muaka it would more than likely been named Muaka, just like the Kane Ra is named Kane Ra and the Tarakava is named Tarakava.

Personally I’d prefer if the Wolf Rat was canon as a new wolf Rahi. While Shallows Cat have only been seen on Daxia, I think this could still work.

inb4 Greg ignores this question


eh, the game files have more mundane names from what I seen. like the orange and green Nui Rama are called Mosquito and Dragonfly respectively and the different Jaga are called big/small Scorpion etc so just because the file is called wolfrat doesn’t mean its an original creature. heck, the Kane-Ra is just named Bull. plus it seems to be the only model that closely resembles the Muaka Set, with the only exception being the “Ssss” snake model which is just the Muaka/Kane-Ra style head and extending neck with no body.

unless the Muaka with the yellow elements shows up in the game and this all black model is just a palette swap of the Muaka model.