Can you import sets into Brick Studio?

I have an idea to mod the iron man figure that was released last year into Kiryu but I was wondering how to import a set into brick studio.
I probably could figure it out on my own but why would I if I can just make it your problem?
So if you know how please let me know.


There is a tool in Studio 2.0 that lets you import the parts for a set by entering the set number as listed on Bricklink. You still have to assemble the digital set yourself, though.


As @DuneToa said, you can import the parts for a set from the BrickLink parts list, but not the assembled model. Specifically, click File > Import > Import Official Lego Set:


Then, you type in the set number, and you can choose between two methods of import (In Scene and As Palette):

In Scene will put all the parts in the build area…

… while As Palette will put all the parts in a parts palette: will also notify you if there are any parts on the parts list that aren’t in

(Also, they provide a convenient link to the building instructions for most sets, as seen in the above image)


Perfect, thanks.