Can you put two broken Kanohi together?

I was talking with some Iliad buddies about Kanohi, and they brought up the idea of a Kanohi having a good chunk taken out, replaced by part of another. They saw no reason for this to have consequences, though I thought it could be really bad even with powerless Kanohi. So:

  • Could you put two Kanohi together?
    If yes:
    – What’s the safest way to do so? Binding them together like strapping something to a flatbed? Welding with heat? The MU equivalent of super-glue?
    – What’s the safest (and most dangerous power combination, aside from Legendaries?
    – What would the resulting power be? For example, would it be one of the components, or might it work like fusing Kanoka?
    If no:
    – What consequences could arise from…
    — Two Powerless?
    — Two Nobles?
    — Two Greats?
    — A mix of two of the above?

Sorry, this one’s got a lot of potential follow-ups. Thanks in advance!


In Time Trap, Vakama mentions that a Kanohi mask can’t function at all if there’s even the smallest break/imperfection in it. I’m not entirely sure if that’s still how it works, but going off of that, combining masks wouldn’t work. It would be physically possible, but all you’d end up with is a powerless mask that looks like two welded together.


Yes that is correct :+1:

does this not apply to organic masks? because the suletu has those metal patch things on it or are them part of the original mask? if so thats really weird that there is organic metal plates on a fleshy face mask

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The Kanohi Olisi was also depicted as a patchwork mask. Were these cases of artistic license, or was there an in-story explanation that’s consistent with Time Trap canon?

The organic masks are really weird and were exclusive to the Toa Inika (who only existed for like a week before becoming Mahri), so we don’t have much info on them. But given that Toa themselves are both organic and metal components, I wouldn’t be surprised if that mask was also a mix of organic tissue and metal plates.

My best guess is that that’s just how the Olisi looks. I don’t believe that we’ve seen any other Olisis other than the one Karzahni wore, so there’s nothing to say it doesn’t just naturally look like multiple masks stitched together.

But it’s also probably artistic license.


Well, Karzahni’s also crazy, so he may have just put parts of other masks and such on his Olisi for decoration.

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There was that on Brutakas Olmak, that still worked after it got some (although intentional) cracks