Cancer Magister


C&C (Crab and Crab) appreciated.


Wow, that is beautiful. One of the best galidor mocs I’ve seen.



In all seriousness, this is really cool. It actually looks like a crab, which I think is pretty impressive considering it’s Lego and Galidor of all Lego things.
Well done!


“Ze crab… ohhoho… Ze crab”

Anyway, movie references aside, this is really nice.

That is one giant enemy crab. The build’s pretty good, too; I see no weak points to attack for massive damage.

10/10. I’m absolutely raving over this thing.

Seriously though, this is pretty neat-looking.


I really do like the texturing on this MOC. It’s awesome. Unfortunately the front legs and claws make it turn from looking organic to strangely robotic.


Oohhooohhhhhhhh great use of the galidor pieces

One of the best MOCs made entirely of Galidor I have ever seen!

Do you have any Galidor-based replacement ideas? I really wanted to do differently with the claws, but my limited parts pool prevented me.

I honestly have no idea Ghid. I never got into Galidor. Apologies, perhaps I shouldn’t have made the critique without having a knowledge of these piece parts.

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Woah… cool… I’m confused looking at it but I like it.

The community apparently begins to make an entire Fauna of Galidor…

Nice job, the pieces fit very well together.

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you certainly got the cancer part right :stuck_out_tongue:

nice crab

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Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting thus far!

No no, it’s perfectly fine. Any well-meaning critique is good critique.[quote=“TheMightyObsidianDude, post:13, topic:50766”]
you certainly got the cancer part right



This looks really cool, though the eyes on the claws are a bit…odd. I know that it isn’t something that can be gotten rid of without paint or clay(or both), though, and it’s really just a nitpick.

Plus, since now we have Cancer, someone should do mocs of all the Zodiac signs.

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This is a very fine Galidor MOC, with an impressive pinch of creativity.


Cancer Magister is the latin label for the Dungeness Crab.

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Maximum crab!

This is very nice. It always seems surprising how creative people are able to get with the seemingly very limited Galidor parts. Very well done.

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