Canisters/Boxes/Bags Disscusion Topic

This is the place to discuss everything about the various containers LEGO has used for their Constraction lines over the years (I'm extremely surprised nobody has made this topic yet).


I REALLY want box playability back. (ex. bohrok cocooning)
That just can't happen with bags.


Me too, however, I am almost certain we'll get bags, for two reasons:

1. They've won awards for being eco-friendly.

2. They're much cheaper. You want a 15$ Toa in a bag or a 20$ Toa in a canister?


Honestly, I could care less about box playability. I never understood it as a kid and I don't care about it now

I will say this, although I love the Canisters and Boxes, I consider the bags to be good for a number of reasons. 1, They cost less I'm sure, if not, well.... then they don't?... 2, They store easier, not only are people already familiar with the zip-lock bag technique (Work of art, 9th wonder of the world, 8th goes to Bionicle) but the bags can be flattened so you can store them easier. My only complaint is I have to cut the bags, and I feel people will throw these out more likely then a canister that can do tricks (Look, now it's a bunny) but I don't mind the change.


There is no doubt we will get bags for Bionicle 2015, because why would they go back to the canisters? They switched to bags for a reason, why the hell would they switch back? It's a huge waste of money and takes up shelf space! I don't know if you've seen HF stuff on the shelf, but let me tell you, they can fit in way more products by using bags.


I know bags are better for marketing. But canisters were so much more fun! I loved using them for display.

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When did we say we weren't going to get bags?

it seems the guy you posted the doubt about bags (kretta) has deleted his comment, so ignore my message.

Oh, when I was posting what I said, I didn't know if he accidentally meant to say that they were or were not going to be bags... so, I thought I was correcting him.

Later when I checked it I noticed that it was fine, so then I deleted my comment/correction.

I had no idea you were replying to me, by the way.

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As long as they don't have the incredibly awkward Toa Mahri containers, I'll take anything.


I vaguely remember those. Weren't they half cardboard or something?

Oh yeah, they're really hard to preserve to…

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I my opinion they were OK, far from '01 Canister great, but sorta-halfway-decent.
Also they make great portal generators for comics or what have you.

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@legomaster1378 They were trying to go with a gimmick thing, where you could attach the shooter onto part of the canister. But no where to actually store them...

best picture I could find


So THAT's what they did. That actually makes a lot of sense. Still doesn't explain the Phantoka boxes though. They had that wierd web like pattern

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As much as I loved the canisters and their play-ability, I've got to agree with ToaOfUltimateDoom here.

The bags are just too useful to abandon. I heavily enjoy the fact that I can just flatten them and store them in a shelf or drawer. I found myself at a loss for where to put my BIONICLE canisters once I had completed my sets, and often times they took up waaaaay too much space and I had to throw them out.

I will say that I'm gonna miss the creativity the canisters had though. It was almost as much fun guessing what new designs they would have as much as the sets themselves. (also there isn't anything quite as lovely as the beautiful sound of all those pieces shaking around inside. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it). They were truly a part of the BIONICLE experience and they will be missed.


I know the feeling. I recently got an original Tahu Mata in celebration of the comeback, and the piece rattling was music to my ears.

@IllustriousVar Maybe one day we will get a hybrid bag, something like the Matoran 2008-Agori 2009 Packaging where it had they plastic lids and bases. And that would somehow attach to the bottom of a bag. That's just a thought to throw in. I will miss the canisters and their incredible need to stack upon each other. As for the memory of the lovely sound of plastic pieces in a shaken conister... I just... I...


It seems likely they'll keep the bags for Bionicle, which I honestly don't mind. The only use of the canisters that I got personally was how much space they took. Besides, I'm all for being as eco-friendly as possibly.