Canon contest #1: The First - Toa Helryx

This is my interpretation of the first toa, based on the available descriptions.

Action Pose




Being the first toa, I based my interpretation of Helryx on the mata build. My goal was making a frail looking toa mata with more points of articulation.

I decided to make the armor asymmetrical to better give off the appearance of being worn by many battles.
Since Takanuva described Helryx’s armor as unfamiliar to him, so I made it mostly with 2009 pieces.

I opted to use more shades of silver and grey to somewhat simulate the wear and tear.

This is the file

The model uses two painted pieces:

  • The 3x3 pin connector with 1 axle and 3 pin holes in Dark Blue

  • The 2009 shin/ankle guard in Pearl Light Gray

The model requires the use of a parts pack by SwampKryakwa

The placeholder mask I used is the Mask of Psychometry by Galva

Due to some problems I had in the process of importing the model of the mask into, the piece appears distorted and isn’t fully inserted into the head. The original 3D model does not have this issue.

I hope you’ll like my interpretation of the first toa.

Good luck everyone!