Canon Contest #1: The First - Toa Helryx

Here’s my attempt at making a depiction for the first Toa, Toa Helryx. In building this I found really like the G2 Gali blue color with that older style of gold, though quickly discovered I didn’t have many parts in either color so had to get a bit creative with spreading that out. I figure that even though Helryx is never stated as wearing any gold, LEGO loves putting it on their “important” characters especially ancient Toa. That and I think the older dark gold just looks super nice.

I tried to keep her size and armor similar with other Toa, while adding the CCBS to add the blue and add to a look that Takanuva wouldn’t be familiar with. Finally her mace, which I’m pretty happy with, aimed to look very sharp and brutal compared to other atoa tools, seeing as Helryx is one of the few Toa willing to actually kill.

Helryx is also stated to have mastery over her element, even more so than other Toa. I thought a cool way for her to use water in conjunction with the limited information we have on her would be to use it in enhancing her mace.


I like the use of the dark gold

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The dark gold really makes this stand out from other entries!