Canon contest, the first, part 2, Lesnchiy

Last-minute entry. Just a little summary on what I have tried to do:

  • Since Toa Mata have very simple mask disigns I needed to do the same
  • I wanted to create a unque and non-typical mask so such exotic maks like Vahi and adapted Kakama Nuva wouldn’t be so lonely.

I hope it is not obvios, parts of which Kanohi are used here :stuck_out_tongue:

I also slightly modified the MOC itself. List of modifications:

  • tuned proportions slightly (diminished some armor)
  • I Pushed forward mechanical and Turaga-like look for they fit the MOC well
  • Enlarged shield
  • Added scraps

Actually I were trying to copy “The Legend Reborn” style, but due to lack f time and my own unexperiency they do not look similar.

Criticizm and comments are apperciated. I would be especially grateful if author of the MOC himself will say his opnion. Good luck everyone and let the best win!


I actually really like the mask! That empty space does a lot for the tribal 01 aesthetic. Very unique. My only suggestion would be that the mask goes back a little more on the sides. It’s a little too flat in the face. Otherwise good job!


Thank you! Well, since winning MOC has Toa Mata-like head and Toa Mata masks were more flat than others, I also created it a little more flat. Also the horn on top of it is meant to fully cover the top of Mata-head, and it would be strange to if it protruded backward.

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The mask looks too similar to a Kualsi for my taste. The art’s not bad, though.

I really like the mace shaping!

@Racie02 AndI actually do not :stuck_out_tongue:, thank you!
@darkbrick999 Yes Kualsi was one of the masks I was inspired by since with the Mask of Psychometry you can see places where object once was and with Kualsi you can teleport into place that you see.