Can't buy kindle version of the new book!

Hello guys. I'm having a problem. When I open's Island of the Lost Masks page there's no option to buy a book for kindle. Can any of you be so kind and provided me a screenshot how the book's page looks for you? By the way, I live in central Europe, can that be the problem?
I really wanna read it!

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Sounds like a you problem. /s
I don't know how to fix your problem.


From what I'm aware there is currently no Kindle version available on Amazon in Europe. Also the book releases later in europe for most shops. Amazon says they released the book at the right time, but 4-5 weeks for dispatch has always been the words of a company that hasn't released the product yet (like all those listings of sets months before release)


has anybody gotten the new book? i just got my copy and theres some interesting details i want to share but i dont know where lol

Still nothin'... It sucks....

I live in western Europe and the book also hasn't appeared on Kindle for me. Really sucks because I would like to buy the books but without the high shipping prices if I can avoid it. :confused: