Can't Change My Username? (Also, Legomaster is cool)

I've been looking around the preferences in the profile page, but I can't find a tab that would allow me to change my Username. Do I have to wait to be a Master? Am I just missing something? It would be nice to know. smile

P.S. If this is answered or if it is deemed useless, I'm completely fine with its removal. blush


go to profile, then preferences, and click the pencil next to your username.

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It looks like the pencil is missing for me. neutral_face Strange.


That function was removed, it seems.

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It was removed? But I'm looking at it right now, weird. Maybe it could be your browser?

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I just checked both IE and Chrome, it looks like both don't have it. I think there are three different reasons why:

  1. I did something wrong that makes it so I can't change it
  2. The website removed that function
  3. It is a bug

most likely a bug then because it seems fine with me. I'm sorry I can't help you any further, I just don't know whats wrong frowning

I can still change mine

Changed title and category -Not_legomaster


Here is what my screen looks like:

@Booster_Gold Thanks for the Name Change. smile


This made me aware that I can't change my username either.


So I'm not alone in this world...

That's so weird. Maybe try clicking where the pencil icon should be? Maybe it isn't showing, I don't know, I'd love to help, but it seems to be working fine for me...

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You probably need to be a master.

You could try asking a mod to change your username. Maybe that would make it reappear/

No, you do not need to be a master to change your username. I can, also.

Huh, weird. I can't change mine...

That's odd. Why is it affecting some people and not others? We're all Protectors here...

illuminati is preventing the people who know too much to change their names


I tried that, but to no prevail. :pensive:

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I feel like this is the only thing I'm gonna be remembered for...


Apparently not, cause I can't change my username either

Well you could ban everybody, you'll be remembered for that.

Just probably not the way you'd want to be remembered.