Capabilities of Stasis Field Power

Dear Greg I would like to ask some questions regarding the stasis field kraata power. Could a Makuta shrink a stasis field to crush an opponent who is inside it? Could a Makuta use a stasis field to block a passageway to prevent others from going through it instead of putting each person in their own stasis field? Could a Makuta use stasis fields as platforms? Could a Makuta move stasis fields around to attack an opponent such as crushing them between two stasis fields? If they can move stasis fields around could they also move the occupant of a stasis field around while they are in one? Why do Makuta need concentration to maintain a stasis field while a kraata does not need to?

I can venture guesses as to a few of these. Stasis Fields are tangible enough to be impacted by Kanoka, so they could be used to block a passageway. They can be destroyed, however. Given that they’re tangible, they can probably be stood upon. Nothing indicates that they can be moved once manifested.