Captain Mangosteen and the Iron Emperor - CIVIL WAR

Created for the 365 Days of Art, this is basically my rough sketch of what @Eljay and I would look like in a TTV Civil War universe. It was actually pretty fun incorporating different elements of our design (the Miru, flannel shirt and suspenders, Calix and MOC-style armor) into the iconic Avengers costumes.


that's actually pretty awesome, I like the nuva symbol on the shield, it's a nice touch

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I did not realize that you drew Kahi! This is a really nice drawing

This is pretty cool, Kahi!
My only complaint is that the shield looks a little boring. I would add the rings Cap actually had on his shield around the shield to prevent that! :smiley:

This is pretty cool. It's also kinda funny seeing a buff and imposing Eljay.

My favorite is probably the way you incorporated the mask/helmet

Nice work. I really like Elj- I mean, Captain Mangosteen. So much so that I think you should add a quirk to Iron Emperor, aside from the Calix-helm he seems a bit bland.

I like what you've done here...