Car bioformer - B.E.L.L.E. and Sebastian

Ballistic Enhanced Loopy Limousine Enforcer. And I called the 2-wheeled scout Sebastian because it reminds me of a crab.

Not gonna lie, this is one of my inferior bioformers in my opinion. I like the look of the vehicle mode and it does roll on those wheels, but not as far as my other wheelie creations. The main issue is the humanoid form. It doesn’t look great and it has weak knees and ankles.

I’m pleased I made a tank/car thing with this sort of colour scheme but not so great as a transformer even though I think the transformation is pretty cool. I’m interested to see if anyone has any thoughts.

Do you have any favourite bioformers I have created?

Considering playability, transformation, and balance of coolness between humanoid and non-humanoid forms, I really like Nightshade, Furnix and Hydron, Wraith, and Rex DangerBot. Maybe Greasy Lightning too.


ooh these look pretty cool! Always nice to see bioformers of yours. I think the crab guy is my favorite and the car mode looks pretty good.

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Thanks dude! I’m glad you liked them. One thing I do like about the humanoid form is that the Piraka feet kind of look like a rib cage.

@The_Blue_Panda Thanks! I’m glad you like the tank.

@TheJerminator Thank you. I was wondering what to do with that bit and then decided it could be cool as a little wheel scout buddy.

@Rhyla416 Thanks!


Humanoid form is more of a miss than a hit, but that tank is just amazing :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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This is a pretty cool design. I like the way that part of the vehicle mode becomes transportation for the robot mode.

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ooo very cool!

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Wheel butt? Never seen that before

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Funny Bioformer go zoom zoom really fast.

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