Carazon, the Cunning

Hello. First time showing one of my mocs. Sorry for bad lighting and not the best camera focus. Using my phone cuae who cares. Any way story will be at the bottom. So enjoy.

Carazons front veiw

Side veiw

Back veiw

One of his favorite poses




Crazy pose

Couple pictures

Part of his tail

Size comparison(He's 15 inches tall!)

Carazon, the Cunning is a makuta from the brotherhood. He didn't always look like this. He was like other makuta, creating rahi, but he was one of the mask makers for them. After some time he decided to create a mask for himself. By using other masks and disks. When he did it looked like a dragin head, so he put it on andwhen he did it transformed his body to look like a dragon. The amount of power this mask contain overwelmed him. The only thing the didn't make it look like he was a dragon was his wings, which he wears them as garments. He was the lieutenant of Miserax. But he lost it when he decided to attack a matoran village. Then the keepers (will talk about it when my self moc is release yo public veiw into the future.) came to lock him up on the jail cells of the order of mata nui. Then he escaped and told other makuta if they would want to live they must follow them. Then in the future some makuta disappeared one day. Nobody knows what was hos goal was. But I know what it was. It was so he could absorb all the mask powers that he or the mask have touch. The mask of Absorption! (Note I know that this mask power may not be what the story say it does but it is my own version of the story.)

So I hope you like my moc. Here is a bonus image of how I tooked the pictures. Enjoy.


The moc has good coverage and the torso seems very well structured, but the only main issue are the lengthy limbs and head design.

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Well his mask made him into this way. Also of if i'd gave him smaller legs he would've looked very short and it doesn't fits his charater. He's cunning but very powerful. Also his head is meant to be posable. Not saying i hate your critism. I like it. It inspires me of how he would look like if he got all the powers of every mask into one.

I think you ment dragon. Anyways nice MOC. I'm always a fan of big MOCs. I think the feet are generic. I suggest you give him a cool weapon.

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Could use some more blue armor in the legs but the blue pins blend in well
This looks cool BTW :smile:


Limbs are way too off proportion. Head is a bit odd too based on the structure. I like the torso though