Carbon (biocup preliminaries)

carbon has often been referred to as the “king of the elements”. -Wikipedia

This moc is basically a representation of a robot made up of mostly carbon components; including diamonds - as such this robot deserves a top hat for probably being the most expensive thing ever built (that is, if it were real) although who put it there remains a mystery to this day.

The whole thing was pretty much based on this part:
Crane Jaw Curved : Part 91347 | BrickLink

But there was also some nice usage of the minecraft enderman torso/legs for the weapon. And a system skull piece up top.



I like it, but I don;t really see how any elements play a role in the MoC aside from the name.

It shares the colours of carbon both in its grey/black graphite form and trans light blue for its diamond form, but I can see how that isn’t obvious

A proper gentleman of an element.

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