Cardox (Thicc Silver Boi)

This is a recent MOC I’ve made.
Also the first post on TTV. Because i keep forgetting i have an account here…
I’ll be posting more[details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details][/details][/details]


Could we get a frontal view?


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Nice use of Dekar’s mask for the chest, though I think it sticks outwards a bit too much

One of my favourite titles on these boards…

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That is one thicc boi.

I like his look, and the build looks well done, but some more angles and poses would be great to see!

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Really can’t tell what’s happening here. Gonna need more angles where the sword doesn’t cover the majority of the design.

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Looks cool, but I can’t really say more without some more photos.

Looks pretty neat

The link seems to be broken, can you repost it?


That looks really cool!