Careers on the Island of Arthaka [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

So I was reading the vehicles pitch and I noticed that we hadn’t really discussed a lot of professions in great detail in Arthaka. I was hoping maybe we could all toss around some ideas to flesh things out a bit more.

So far we have:


Military, though employment opportunities here are decidedly limited compared to Ihu or Mangai due to their downsizing

-Kohlii Player
—as a misc character pitch, I like to imagine Hewkii exists in this universe as a Kohlii champion akin to Pelé, keeping with Kohlii’s original Soccer-like playing style
-Merchant King
-Mercenary/Dark Hunter
—I would imagine there are probably some free agents in addition to the Dark Hunters)
-The Great Bank probably employs some sort of security guards and likely tellers
-Airship pilot and likely Air traffic control
—presumably other regions like Mangai and Kanae can offer this position due to trade between the Volcano and Forest gates respectively. Ihu would likely find it too risky to transport goods directly into the region by airship, but might still do so between the Tundra Gate itself and Motara proper.


-Soldier (Admiral is presumably the highest rank)
-Turaga who lead the individual city states of the region

Currently Unnamed Political office, held by the upper class of the region

Royal Guards

And even then most of these positions are inferred if anything. So a few ideas I have:

Protodermis Working(Masks/Tools/Weapons/Machine Parts)
-Though The means of making powered Kanohi have long been sealed away or destroyed by the previous generation of Toa, that doesn’t mean the Arthakans do not have any market for making powerless or decorative masks. Though unlike in the previous Bionicle iterations, these masks are more aesthetic than functional even in a powerless state. Presumably the members of Arthaka’s various military groups have their masks reinforced to act more as protective helmets. The other three variations of Protodermis working I think speak for themselves. The profession as a whole is very much like metal working, only it works with molten Protodermis instead of metal

Ussal Cart driver
-In days of yore, Tiroans would drive trade caravans pulled by one or more Ussals, the domesticated cousins of Manas crabs native to the caves near what is now Tiro. Though Tiroan inventor Nuparu has been looking to create a self-propelled means of transportation to replace these crabs

Tiroan Ussalry Force

Originally, this was a branch of the Tiroan military not unlike the Rough Riders, though since the downsizing of the military, the Ussal Drivers found a new use as the region’s law enforcement, as Ussals were bred to be small, but strong enough to carry a Matoran on its back, but also proved to be nimble enough to catch runners. The ability to maneuver on most surfaces doesn’t hurt either!

Ussal Racer

Ussal racers were original members of the Tiroan military who had gained a new lease on life racing their faithful crabs for sport. Onepu and his crab Pewku were a famous example of a racing team.


While Tiroan archivists focus on learning as much as they can about the past, the Ihuans focus heavily on the future. The first seers were a group of Ihuan monks who would gather at the highest peak of the mountain which overlooked their region to chart the movements of the heavens before the invention of telescopes. As the years went on, a past Ihuan king took great interest in their projects and commissioned the construction of a monastery for the monks complete and an observatory to help them better chart the star’s movements. Though Seers are primarily Ihuan, they have been willing to take in Matoran from other regions, a famous example being Nixie, an arbiter-turned-astrologer from Naho


These are great! I’d suggest giving Naho a bit more, seeing as they’re mainly independent.


Going by the G3 Self-MOCs I’ve seen, other occupations include:

  • Engineer/Inventor
  • Lava Farmer
  • Gukko Pilot
  • Carver (my self-MOC was a lightstone carver specifically)
  • Chemist
  • Pearl Diver
  • Crab Trapper
  • Cowrie Shell Gatherer
  • Forge Master (part of the protodermis work you mention)
  • Explorer
  • Cartographer
  • Scout
  • Bard/Musician
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I like these. Really ties into Metru Nui for me, which I always find fascinating.

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