Cars 2 Confusion

The spy informant sequence has been bugging me for years. So when Mater, Finn, and Holly go to Paris, it’s to meet with Finn’s informant Tomber. They find Tomber in a car parts market, where he’s talking with a vendor. When Tomber sees Finn, he turns and makes a run. Finn, Holly, and Mater give chase, and as they do so, Tomber knocks down a pile of boxes in an attempt to block/slow them down. A minute later, Holly corners him and starts Tasering him. As she’s doing so, Finn stops her and asks, “Have you lost your mind?” Right then, he has Mater tow Tomber with them to somewhere private. In the private room, Finn sees a random car in there and yells something in French. According to Google Translate, what he says is “Come on! Now hurry!” The stranger leaves, and everyone else enters and locks the door behind them. Once they do, Tomber reveals he’s Finn’s informant.

That’s the exact sequence. What confuses me is, if Tomber was on the same side as Finn, then why did he try to escape him? I mean, up until they lock themselves in the private room, Tomber acts like he’s a lemon and is trying to avoid getting captured. Even when Finn sees Tomber, hides, and mutters, “There you are,” he acts as if Tomber’s a bad guy. So…what gives?

And as for the random car that’s already in the garage, I’m willing to buy that he’s secretly working with Finn and was reserving that garage for him. But is “Come on! Now hurry!” supposed to be some kind of code word?


If he’s a criminal informant, he would want to appear like he’s not working for the spies. It’s part of his cover so lemons don’t think he’s a snitch.


cars 2 is a kid’s movie


Two kinds of people

@Risebell s probably right tho