Cars Series

New trailer for Cars 3;

So thought it best to do a topic to discuss the Car’s series as a whole, do you enjoy the series? Thoughts below :3


The animation definitely got better after the first two.

1 was good.

2 was unnecessary but somewhat good.

3 is still unnecessary but unless the movie is great it won’t gain much traction.


I saw only the first movie. It was cool.

I loved the first one (in fact, I watched it again recently), and I especially liked how it’s greatly enjoyable by kids and adults alike (The fact that the there was a character based on an Italian Fiat 500 made me even more interested to watch it as a kid, as my grandfather is a big fan of vintage cars, and was planning on buying one). The whole story and characters were great, and I’m happy I had the chance to watch it as a kid.

I saw the second one only once, at the movie theater, so I don’t exactly remember every bit of it, but I remember enjoying the fact that it was something completely different from the first one. At that time at school we used to collect cards from different Pixar movies that came as a promotion with purchases at the local supermarket, and Cars was one of those. That card album made me even more interested in the film.

I saw this trailer recently, and honestly I’m as happy as I was as a kid when the first one came out, and I’m interested in seeing this new story (which seems very “Rocky” inspired to me, from the looks of it).

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Of Pixars films, the Cars series interests me the least. The first one wasn’t dreadful, but the need to make it a series to begin with felt unnecessary. I just found it an odd premise, even as a kid.

Still, the animation is quite nice and this entry is no acception.

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I’m excited for the third one.

Eh, I don’t really care for this series.

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I like the first one, it’s been a while since last time I saw it, but I watched the movie multiple times and I remember it being quite enjoyable and funny. Not sure I’d put it at the top of Pixar movies, but I was ok with them making more.

I did not like Cars 2, it seemed so rediculous and weird with the whole “spy” thing, I guess it could’ve worked but I really don’t remember it being very good. The thing that bothers me the most about this movie is that it’s aimed at very young children, with cars being blown up with their pieces flying everywhere. Seriously, what the heck MPAA? I know I might sound like a soccer mom right now, but the movie is RATED G, I’ve never understood how Disney was ok with that.

Don’t know how I feel about Cars 3, at first I was on the negative side of things because it seemed like they were going to make it dark. With that recent teaser I really don’t know anymore. I’ll hear what people have to say when it’s released.

I liked the first one well enough, though it’s not up top pixar’s standard of quality, the second one was not that good, let’s hope 3 is

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cars 2 and planet sheen are proof that you don’t make a comic relief character the main protagonist


I remember enjoying the original when I watched it as a kid. I haven’t watched it recently, so I can’t give much of an opinion. I’ve never seen Cars 2, but from what I’ve heard, that isn’t too big a deal. The new one looks like it should be good, but we’ll see.

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I used to watch the first movie so many times over and over, i could probably recite the movie.

Also, excited for the third one.

First one bored me, but I enjoyed it when I was younger. (The soundtrack is pretty neat)

The second is one of my favorite Pixar movies, because it knows what it is…just fun, dumb, pointless fun.

I am not “EREMGEH SPOOPER HYYYPE!” For the third, but I am interested to see what is up.

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The Cars videogame for the DS is lit…

Opinions on Cars it’s Mehhh, also it’s main purpose is to sell as much merchandise as possible.

never really been a fan. although i have never really cared for cars themselves

Compared to every other Disney movie not really. Most merchandise for Cars was sold after it became popular.

Planes on the other hand? The fact that Fire And Rescue exists should say my point about Planes.

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Well I mean it’s sequels were only made to sell merchandise. The second was pandered and there making another because they sell merchandise so well.

The second one was still made to make money from theaters and DVDs. You can tell from writing quality that while merchandising was taken into mind it wasn’t the sole purpose. They made the movie to sell the movie.

A good example of something made purely for selling other products is power rangers.

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