Cartoon Reboots

You know which ones i’m talking about





There are plenty of Good Cartoon reboots (Voltron, for example) but I know you guys are going to only talk about the bad ones.

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Can’t wait for Samurai Jack on Adult Swim.


Wait what?! - The new Samurai Jack will be on Adult Swim?

My body is ready.

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in b4 it’s Samruai Jack go!


JL Action looks good to me.

I liked how the Titans from Teen Titans Go agreed in character that rebooting the original show was a mistake.

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Am I the only one who think that Cartoon Network is going to reboot all their classic shows but water them down and “modernize” them.

I hope not. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see some version of Dexter’s Laboratory.

It better stay that way…

Cartoon Network should cancel Teen Titans Go and make space for more Steven Universe.

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I have no real opinion on any of these, seeing as I did not watch the originals, or these for that matter.

Wait so you’ve never seen Teen Titans or the original Powerpuff girls?

Most reboots ruin it for me, but some reboots are decent. But most of the time reboots are made to make more money fast. At least we get good reboots like legend of korra.

i thought that was a continuation?

Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans GO… ugh.

All the ones I’ve seen/heard of suck
-Powerpuff Girls
-Teen Titans GO
-Scooby Doo
-Bob the Builder
Am I missing some?


Yes. LoK is not a reboot.

I always thought it was a reboot but at least legend of korra was a good show.

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