Casual MOC: Guardian of the Ancient Forge

So this MOC was my first attempt at trying to come up with something story-related for G2, even though lots of info is still unavailable to us.

The idea here goes something like...


In the time of the Mask Makers, the brothers knew their masks, great and powerful as they were, would be privy to all sorts of crooks and thieves.

And so it was that Ekimu saw fit to create something that would protect their masks, and the forge they were made in.

It would be powerful enough to fend off any who would dare approach. It would posses the strengths of the Six Elemental Masters.

The Twin-Sword technique of Tahu, the Grace and Agility of Gali, the Aerial Superiority of Lewa, the Kicking and Running Power of Pohatu, the Endurance and Defense of Onua, and the masterful Combat Prowess of Kopaka

So it stood guard for many years, but when he was needed most, Makuta struck him down before he could attempt to stop him from using the Mask of Ultimate Power

While the Guardian survived the encounter, he felt great shame in letting both his masters fall to darkness and death,

And so the Guardian placed himself in a Self-Exile, wandering the wastes of Okoto, never to be seen again.

For the time being

The Guardian as he was perched atop the roof of the Forge like a gargoyle, warding off intruders.

The Guardian in what is known as his Bright Form. For in this form, he possesses the strengths of Gali, Tahu, and Lewa, the more vibrant colored Toa.


Lewa's ability manifests itself in the form of using his blades as something to fly with.

Tahu's Dual Swordsmanship, displayed here via this pose.

Couldn't really find a good way to represent Gali's combat strength, so this pose will just have to do.

This is the KeyHilt. Through use of it only can the Guardian attain the Combat strengths of Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu.

Using it turns his two swords into one.

Behold the Guardian's Solid Form.(working on a better name). This form gives the abilities of Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu.

Forward ankle movement is nonexistant in this form, so this pose representing Pohatu's kicking strength sorta gets, uh...broken-legged. >.<

The endurance and defense of Onua is represented by the LockShield.

And Kopaka's sorta Lancer Style Combat is represented here fairly well, methinks.

So yeah, this isn't much of a legit MOC or anything, just a sorta casual thing. Just me goofing around with those Chima Armor Add-Ons I love so much. Such Knightly.

There was inspiration for this mecha-MOC, tho.

For the twin-bladed Bright Form, it was Shinken Gold as my main inspiration.

For Solid Form, it was Kyoryu Gold. I just added a Shield to the equation.

So yah. Thoughts? >.>


All it does is make me really want to make a Destiny MOC...

Pretty cool, I mean, there's not much to be said, it's fairly standard.


I have a plan to make something with CCBS related to destiny, specifically utilizing the trans-green armor to resemble the Radiant Dance Machines.

I never would have guessed you would make a MOC to look like a knight, Nyran...



Why didn't I think of this before?

This is a pretty clever MOC. I like how it incorporates all the Toa's fighting abilities.


How elegant.

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I was wondering how long until you would use that head build...

Cool MoC, though. Very... noble.

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Wait, what torso is that? Is that a Zamor sphere in it? I wanna say it's from Chima Ultrabuilds, but I can't be too sure...

It is from the 2014 Chima Ultrabuild figures.

Specifically Chi Fluminox. I took the yellow/read Zamor Sphere, and but in a blue one.

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Pretty coo for something casually made

I need to get some more of them chima armour pieces...