Cataclysm OOC

This is the official OOC Thread for Cataclysm. Any OOC questions, comments and discussion about this RP will be put here.

Now, I want to lay down some ground rules, as well as make you all aware of some things:

First and foremost, you should all be made aware of my schedule:
I was only able to be more active lately because I’m on summer break and didn’t have school duties clogging my schedule. However I am going back to school very soon, so I’m reverting back to my old online schedule.

I may be online to write a few posts here and there between 7:30 AM and 2:20 PM, but don’t count on me being present during that time. I am usually officially online within the range from around 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM. So please keep this in mind when you are writing scenes for me to interact in.
(Note: I live in America. The New England region, to be specific. So translate my schedule to whatever timezone you live in)

Another rule is that only the players of the Cataclysm RP can post here. So nobody else is allowed to post on this thread.

Since double-posting has occured in previous OOC discussions in PMs, I will allow it here. But do not do anything overly spam-y.

Also, an important rule:

Please, please for the love of God, DON’T FIGHT! I have already seen the Mods come into PMs enough. If you have a complaint about another player’s actions, keep it to yourself or talk to me about it privately in a PM.

And one more thing.
I have created a disciplinary system for RP players who break my rules. It’s similar to the Mods’ three strike system for TTV users:

*The first time a player commits an offense, I will pull them aside and redirect them. And tell them why what they did was wrong and to not do it again.

Warning 1:
The second time a player repeats the same offense, it will count as an official strike in the disciplinary system.

Warning 2:
The third time a player repeats the same offense, it will be their final warning.

The fourth time the same offense is repeated, I will take it to The Mods and you will have to answer to them yourselves. Are we clear?


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you better be planning to sign up a character

Hey, so…
What should I do with Rohan, Kyran, and Charity?

Also, what the heck’s going on with Sadie?

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I think I might have a plan for them. But I need to further develop things. Just hang tight and wait for further developments on that. I’ll tell you in the private PM whatever plans I may have come up with.

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Hang on, I’ll reply to you when I can.

fun fact: I-energy or Ignotium Energy is basically what the id are made of at a base level. Why I decided that when I introduced the first id here IDK

Though in reality this has no real bearing in the as one Xano most likely doesn’t know that Luxatium is an id and from what is written wouldn’t be able to see Light anyways.

just something I though I’d mention seeing as I’ve had the most experience with the id.


I didn’t know all of that. I thought they were ideas mor than anything else. Thanks for the info.


well feel free to ask questions about them.


I’m just going to post and continue myself. do what you want with that post.

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Do any of you mind if I skip to the scene where the villains arrive to meet Kreel?

What exactly does that entail?

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I would write a post stating that all the villains arrive to The Xir’algath’s home realm. Basically I’m just skipping the whole sequence of actually travelling there.

Has anyone traveled there before?

Yeah. They first went there to be briefed by Kreel for the mission to hijack that space ship in the beginning.

I mean, has the journey been described in detail before?

No. But there isnt anything special about the journey itself.
I could just describe the location and then say that everyone is there afterward, southern we can still get a description but not have to go through an entire journey. Does that work?


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And I’m stuck. I don’t even understand the setting anymore.

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As always GTG for the weekend.

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