Catfish V3


Everything is a bit smooth compared to the legs, and the shoulders are a bit high.
I like the random purple though.
And this should be in the lego creations category.

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Legs are a bit over greebled and thin, maybe use normal CCBS and piston add-ons to make it look better.

Other then that, the shoulders are a bit high, though the MOC does look pretty good!

It would be kind of nice to see all of him in one shot, but otherwise, he looks very interesting

way better than the last versions anyway
The colors are consistent, the torso is great, only problem I have is the legs having a different texture. I recommend using the purple leg pieces from Onua 2016 for lower legs, and making a similar upper leg design. (the feet don’t need to be changed)
The arms are a bit high, but I don’t mind them. Maybe add the friction add-ons from the 2015 and 2016 sets on the lower arms?

It’s looking a lot better than the previous versions, but the shoulders still look too high.

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I came here expecting some catfish on the grill. Great… now I’m hungry.

I like the moc though.

I think you need more purple, but I really like it.

how do you connect that 2 stud piece to the hand?? its always confused me?

But does it swim?

hu sure

@Kirk That hand piece has vented sides, and you can actually attach things with studs upside down on them. The studs can fit in the vents, but they have somewhat little friction. Hope I helped you!

@Hautaka which hand piece is that? is it 1st gen or 2nd?

its the frist gen

From what I can see, you’ve got a pretty neat MOC in your hands. the trans. purple is a nice highlight to the silver used and the leg build is rather neat. However, the arms seem to be a bit too short and a little too high. Fix that up and it’ll be golden.

@Kirk It’s from early first gen. It was also used in the Throwbots/Slizers line.

@Hautaka i should have that then il have to look , what does it look like without the 2 stud piece on it?

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The hand piece and an example! :slight_smile: