Cave Survival - A Minecraft Survival Map made by Political_Slime

Gathered friends, hear now the tale of the Slime.

In the time before time (AKA 2 years ago) there went a young user called Political_Slime. He had just gotten Minecraft for his 16th birthday, and wanted to create his own Survival Map. Cue roughly 1 month of working (and some play-testing done by friends), and thus this thing was born.

Basically, the idea behind this map was SkyBlocks but underground, with limited resources. You start off with one tree, and you have to adventure around the "cave" in order to find other stuff.

Bear in mind that this map was made in 2013, so it plays in 1.5. I wouldn't suggest playing it above that because of reasons.

Download link here.

Rules and Stuff (if you're too lazy to look at the MC Forums post)

Back Story:

You awake in a cave with only a tree, a bed, and some books. Will you complete all of the Challenges?

Information and Stuff:

+Works in 1.5 and up!
+Singleplayer and Multiplayer!
+Loads of Challenges to complete!
+Many hidden rooms for you to explore!
+Rules are in-game and below. READ THEM! They are very important!

Rules and Challenges:


a. Create a house that is made entirely out of wood or any product associated with wood (e.g., Wooden Stairs, Wooden Planks, etc.), built at least to 20x20.

b. Find all 3 Hidden Chests.

c. Create a Block of Emerald.

d. Create a Melon, Wheat, Pumpkin, Carrot, and Potato farms.

e. Create a Nether Portal and go to the Nether.

f. Create a Beacon Block.

g. Create all 16 types of Wool. This includes:

Light Gray Wool
Gray Wool
Black Wool
Red Wool
Orange Wool
Yellow Wool
Lime Wool
Green Wool
Cyan Wool
Light Blue Wool
Blue Wool
Purple Wool
Magenta Wool
Pink Wool
Brown Wool
White Wool

h. Craft 4 Pistons.

i. Build an Iron Golem.

j. Craft a Golden Crown.

k. Craft a Clock.

l. Craft 3 blocks of TNT.

m. Craft 4 blocks of Nether Brick.

n. Find the Secret Door!


a. NO CHEATING! This includes spawning items in, switching to Creative mode, setting the Difficulty to Peaceful, using “/time set”, and any other cheaty things. I don’t want to be mean, but the game is better when you don’t cheat. smile

b. Items that you need will be found around the cave. Make sure to check all over the cave, including the walls.

c. Feel free to take any block you can mine. There are no restrictions on blocks; anything that you can reach, you can take.

d. Have fun! This map was designed to make YOU have fun, so if you don’t have fun, it explodes. So yeah.

How to load game:

1) Download the zipped folder above

2) Copy the regular folder inside

3) Go to your .minecraft folder. If you don't know how to get to your .minecraft folder, look up how to on Google

4) Go to the folder titled, "Saves"

5) Copy the 'Cave Survival' folder into your Saves folder

6) Open Minecraft

7) Play the game

Feel free to comment below with any comments, problems, or concerns!
You are all AWESOME! smile


thats all ok bye



I think the link is broken.

Yeah, I fixed it. It should work now.

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Sounds interesting. I'll give it a shot... once I get Minecraft.

Me n @BeefJStag will play this some time
Oh and some other people no one cares about will join

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I am forcing you to play this

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you'd be (to my knowlege) the first duo to play the game

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the dynamic dumbo

Welp. Add this to my list of things to do... XD

This looks cool

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Can I make the house smaller
Because 20x20x20 is hugggge


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To be clear, I am playing it in 1.8, all works fine

You guy you

thats like

1000 something planks


Well then, I retract my previous statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well uh

there might be some flowers that are gone in 1.8

that are necessary to finish the game



I retract my retraction...I think...


you think that's big...

house doesn't even fit in the screenshot


Geoff's house is the holy one.


Most of my house designs revolve around a 7x7x7 template why mistah slime must you do this to me.