Cavern critter rahi

I am sorry for the fact that i only have three pics of these little guys. But here we have the cavern critters, native to the regions of po-wahi and koro and onu wahi and koro, these beasts are like four legged, wingless fire flies, except there tails can unleash charged blasts of stunning electricity, this is how they catch there prey. Also, they must eat light Chrystals to use this electricity to its full extent, they can also eat plants. if you guys have any more questions about him feel free to ask in the comments.


I really like the color schemes of both of these. This is one of the advantages of LDD in my opinion, because you can use any piece in any color. These rahi have interesting builds but they look pretty good, only they are a little gappy in the main body.

@Rocka99 the gap in there torso is actually intentional, they store things there, and when domesticated they are used by onu- matoran to transport materials and tools to diffrent sides of mining shafts.

@Rocka99 thank you

Oh, neat.

I like the mechanical look they have like the rahi from 02-03

@1000Purse30 Thanks for your feedback. The old Rahi where actually my inspiration for these guys. I was reading the bioniclesector01 wiki on the rahi and they inspired me.