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So I have been having a bit of trouble with the Custom Bionicle wiki in terms of setting up some pages, specifically The User:___ Category that some members have, which organizes all the pages made by a user. I couldn't find any mention of how to set one up after searching high and low for any mention of them, and I was hoping anyone more experienced than I could instruct me in finding what I seek. I desperately need assistance.

This should take you to a place to write the category description, and then it should be recognized as a category.

Also, if you're ever going on to CBW chat, I hope you enjoy senseless chat kicks.


Oh, I doubt I'll go on the chats, no thank you. But I highly appreciate the help. Highly.

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why does this even exist?

the topic question/request is done. MAy was well have @Chronicler close this or something

Well It exists because I had a question.

@Hawkflight Also, the Recognization doesn't seem to be working. It won't accept it.

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