CCBS Aikidoka

Obligatory Do not try this at home: These techniques, while not as nasty as Jujitsu, can seriously injure you, especially if you do not know how to fall properly.

I decided to build two aikidoka out of some parts I had. I wanted to keep them simple with realistic proportions so I could actually demonstrate the techniques. (Yes I used the glatorian heads because they had faces.)

Without further ado. I will show you 5 aikido techniques using CCBS nage and uke (nage is the thrower, uke is the one who is thrown)

Katatedori Ikkyo Omote, with Ikkyo pin
One of the many kokyunage (breath techniques)
Kosatedori Shihonage Omote
Ryotedori Tenshinage
Shomenuchi Iriminage Ura


these are some techniques


Are those legos deded ?