CCBS MOC: Skyros, Mutated Toa of Earth

Skyros was once a Toa of Earth and the leader of his Toa Team, based in the Southern Islands. On missions, his teammates would ignore his words and go off on their own. He felt ignored and disrespected. One day, when his team was battling Dark Hunters, the team secretly betrayed him and sold him to the Dark Hunters. He was later experimented on by the Dark Hunters and was mutated into a monstrosity. He broke free from the fortress on Odina and went on a rampage with his double bladed sword and Shadow Blaster, nursing a hatred for Toa from all over the MU. He was known to kill Toa just for the fun of it. A series of mysterious murders of Toa on his team never were solved, even though Skyros was the culprit. Eventually, he finished off his entire team, of which there were 11 members (not including himself).

With backstory out of the way, I present to you the MOC itself. Note that he has undergone some changes since the time of the photos.


Front View/ Action Pose 1

Side view

Back view:

Mask closeup - front: (Alpha Skull Spider :stuck_out_tongue:)

Mask closeup - back:

Size Comp with Inika Build Vehicle Pohatu and Ekimu '16

Action pose 2 - fight with Ekimu ('cause why not)

Apologies for the blurry photos, this is my first time posting a moc on the message boards

Comments and feedback are welcome!

(please excuse the Umarak the Destroyer chestprint)


What do you guys think about the overall build and the mask?

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I think they look great. I really like the build for the legs, especially the knees.

Thanks! this was actually a joint project between me and my brother. This was my first successful attempt at a custom torso.