CCBS Moc: The Shadow

Whelp...I made another thing.

Now, I am going to say this: if this Moc is an eyesore, TELL ME. I need recommendations on what pieces to replace if that's the case.

Seriously, I'm running low on resources here, I could use some suggestions :_(

But then of course, that's not the focus today...

Now, this guy I call The Shadow. He is sort of like a ghost, but not in the normal sense; he can only be seen by one person at a time (so if two people look in his direction, only one will be able to see him unless the one seeing him turns around or something like that) and thus makes him imperfectly invisible. He may try to get the attention of one person at a time, just to screw with them.

He has a phasing cannon, which harms those he wants to harm, and if it hits someone otherwise, the person hit will be able to see him for a few seconds, regardless of how many people are looking at him. He also has claws that act like a ghost's body; nothing can hurt it, but it can hurt everything else. The rest of his body is vulnerable, however, so it only affects his claw.

I always thought of him as a loner. As he can only be seen by one person at a time (or two if he uses the cannon), he can be pretty isolated at some times. He mainly stays around Toa because he feels jealous of them, how they always have others to hang around with all the time. Almost makes you sympathetic; he isn't evil or good, he just follows others and defends himself when needed.

Here's some more pictures. I would include them all here, but I had problems uploading the others to the editor. I don't know what, but it just assume it has something to do with the pictures themselves.

(quick question: does anyone use CCBS very frequently? I mean, at this point, it's the only real stable pieces I have, I was just wondering).


Alright, first of all; his thighs are WAY to skinny for his upper body, try bulking them up a bit. Second: TOO MANY COLOURS! There's silver, red, gunmetal, pearl grey, mata red, metry red, black, orange, and white. Try giving him a 3-tone colour scheme. Finally: the use of the rahkshi backs for his upper arms don't work very well. They're gappy and don't look very secure.

Aside from that, he loos pretty cool. I like what you did with his head and torso design, and his modified ghost blaster looks pretty cool.

I do.
In fact, only-
* looks *
-one of my MOCs doesn't use any CCBS, and all the rest are a varying mixture (Nemesis Takara having a couple of silver Skull Spiders for shoulder-pads all the way to Marendex [2015] v1.4.5 being all CCBS)

As for the Shadow itself, all I can really say is "Bulk-up the thighs a bit and replace the white with black." Other than those two things, this is a nice MOC.

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I use CCBS frequently for the same reasons as you do. Most of my parts from old Bionicle sets are cracking, so I've started to incorporate the newer system more and more. I have even decided to never again use an Inika torso frame anymore. I've broken too many. It just hurts when they break.

Good MOC, by the way, but I'm not sold on the orange. It just sticks out a little too much, in my opinion. Did you try using the same parts in black? (or if you don't have the parts in a different color, I totally understand. Trust me, I've been there)

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That thing looks sick! The colour scheme is fine IMO, and it looks like a video game boss or something straight from the depths of hell. The "messy" build complements the monstrous demon-like appearance surprisingly well. Try adding spikes to his legs to complement the spikes on his torso and arms.

Simple. Make smaller MOCs.

I think you could definitely make some good smaller-sized MOCs, but building at this scale tends to bring up eyesores (which this MOC may or may not be.) The colors are okay, but there's so many parts that conflict with each other. I've found with my MOCs that if I'm low on resources my smaller/simpler MOCs end up much better than my larger MOCs.