CCBS Roodaka

So, this is my first topic. I used LDD to design how Roodaka would have looked in G2.

Back view:

Comments and criticism are welcome.


It does keep a feminine proportion and somewhat accurate head, yet the basic CCBS build pales to the original titan counterpart.

Changing the torso, legs, and arms would help the model appearance.

Thanks for the tips! I was already working on the revamp, so this was helpful.

i feel reducing her from titan to canister set really reduces the effect of the revamp. The head is decent, however the legs and arms seem too short and simplistic

I don’t like the back, but other that I can’t make out any specific details at all. Could you get some closer shots?

Anything else?

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oh dear

Not only the curved waist gave it a gap, but also disproportionate from my view.
Extending the torso and bulking around may reduce the issue currently.

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Overall it looks pretty decent, but the hips just look a bit big.