CCBS Spiderman: Miles Morales

that’s the side of my shelf, deal with it

and here, have one with no background

This is just a heavily modified bootleg.


Oh good, I was wondering how you stick him onto the wall.

A few more images would be nice-

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I know the hands and torso are modified, but the rest is very similar to the “set”. That said, it’s looks pretty nice. I would love to see a back shot, if you would take one.

here, have the original picture

upper arms dont use a restricted grey bone anymore, upper legs now use a black bone, modified the lower legs boned so they can bend more, added some cover to the upper and lower leg’s back

as for more pictures, I’ll be posting them later when my phone is charged and lets me take pictures

@Cocoa updated main post with more pictures


Now I see. Looks great!

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Oh. It’s actually the side of your shelf. I thought you just took the picture sideways or something.

Anyways, Nice revamp.


Is the mask from an official set? Also great moc.

Nope, most of this is from a KO.

This might sound stupid but what does KO stand for other than knock out?

Needs better pics TBH

knock off

bruh I aint no porfessional, I dont have money to buy a camera or a real background

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Oh thanks

Camera I can understand. Back ground could a black sheet of paper

black sheet of paper? on a black moc?

I meant blank…


I forgot about something

HEY @spudyeisleycreations you might want to check this topic