CCBS-style G1 Onua

So, looking at both G2 Onuas, I had a thought. Why purple? Yes, purple is amazing, but why is it on Onua? So, I thought about G1 Onua, and I realized that he had trans dark green. Trans. Dark. Green.
So, with my bumbles scrumbled, I rushed to my bins to find as many trans dark green parts as I could… and I had alot more than I thought.

tl:dr I decided to make a G2 style Onua using trans dark green, his original trans color.

And I put in my own dumb ideas.

I liked Uniter of Earth’s mask, so I used carapar’s shoulder armor on the opposite side of the moc to mimic that. And I used the middle of the two colors for the majority of the moc, gray.

Since he has a flamethrower (yes, that’s what that jumbled mass of parts is), I decided to put him in the tf2 pyro’s signature pose (das mah favorite game m8. ya boy got 4k hours and counting)`

El flamethrower. Connection in the back is inside the zamor launcher. Connection in the front is just a blue pin.

Face of the flamethrower

Ayyyy I learned how to focus more gooderly

Nevermind about the focus thing :confused:

So there you go. My version of the G1 Onua in a G2 style. Less bulky, more green. So whaddaya think?
Do you love it? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Do you hate it? Should I suffer for my vicious butchering of Onua? Am I a failure in life? These are the questions I want answers to

And also the darker trans-green armor shells. Surprised nobody asked about them, as they don’t exist.

Yes, I sanded them. Here’s a picture that shows the difference in the texture v


He’s an interesting concept, but doesn’t really resemble Onua and sort of just looks very jumbled and cluttered.


I think he shouldn’t be as tall and more hunchbacked.

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I really like the use of that dark trans-green. The weapon is very interesting and well compact. I agree with @Joe and @Omega_Tahu.

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Every comment gets a line from a song

I agree with the cluttered part. I want to fix that, but it would require me re-doing most of the moc. I’ll get around to it if it’s that big of a problem.
Cut my frog into pieces

I woulda made it more bulky, but I don’t have enough dark pearl gray. Trust me. This is like all of it. And I dunno how to pull off a hunchback look… maybe you could help me?
This is my lab report

Danke. It’s pretty much all the dark trans-green I have :confused:
legs twitching

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I like the flamethrower. That’s pretty much it.

… y-yeah me too
no top half

While I really like him, and the Pyro pose makes me smile because I play pyro more and more because of his cute cosmetics, I think it would do great as an independent character, but not really as an Onua. The flamethrower is amazing, but once again, it doesn’t fit on Onua, who is mainly a melee fighter. Also, the fact that you used so much gunmetal grey makes the silver parts look odd at best. I would suggest either removing the color, or put a lot more on him, as to balance it more. Finally, I think the body is too thin at the shoulders area, and you should try adding some extra armor near his waist, as to cover up the connection between the legs and the torso.

I hope this helps, as my intention is to direct you towards improvement, but you are on a great start.

And also, it’s Mantax’s shoulder armor, not Carapar’s.

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I was thinking the same kind of thing for a while

That’s definitely a “me” problem. I grew up (quite literally) with bionicles, but not knowing about the characters, so I always played with Onua as if he threw rocks and stuff. Eventually that evolved into an association with him and ranged, so it wasn’t as strange to me. The more I think about it though, the more I realize my mistake.

That’s the one part I mostly disagree with you on. I get that in the pictures, but I’m not going to change it, seeing as it looks way better irl. It doesn’t look nearly as clashy when you can see it not on camera.

That I majorly agree on, but I think you missed a part. The neck. I removed the extender (which I have no idea why it was on there) and the result was way better than I thought that small a change would do.

I couldn’t put the setup back up, so I just held it.
Anyways, don’t take this small change as a “I won’t change anything else you told me to change.” I’ll definitely try pretty much everything everyone said, and if I really like it, I’ll post it. Thanks!

Well, poop
shock the legs too much and they’ll go bad

It’s really good MoC, but I just can’t see it as being G1/Mata Onua, especially because of the flamethrower. It’s cool, but not very Onua. I think it would work more if it was its own character.

hey you stole my gimmick

This looks really cool. It doesn’t look like Onua really, but it’s a cool MOC still. :smile:

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looks a bit messy in some areas but I like it, good job!!

It’s a good MOC, but not a very good Onua MOC.

If I were you, I would remove the mask, and put another one, creating an original character, because there’s great potential in the build.

Yeah, I agree. I’ll change it.

Yo fite me

Ok man I’ll change it


Ok I’ll change it.

Yeh man

But foreal tho, I have no idea what to do with the head. Any ideas?

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Maybe Firelord’s helmet from HF?

Or a Skull Scorpio mask, since it practically looks good on everything.

1: tried both sides of fire lord’s helmet, didn’t fit. If you still want to see it, I can remove the back contraption to show you
2: Don’t… really have any skull scorpio masks… and aren’t those silver?

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You can’t really call it a CCBS style g1 onua imo, seems more just like an onua MOC made from CCBS instead of something meant to look like g1 onua but made of CCBS.

Yeah, technicalities. If you really want I’ll change it

You know if you use nail polish remover on it the printing will come off it’s a little harder but then you’re not damage or thinning the shell out

Well, the way I see it, if a shell piece has that large a print, it’s already worthless. So at least what I did was better that just putting them on like that :>