CCBS Turaga (Help Needed!)

I've already made ONE however it doesn't give off the proper 2015 look yaknow?

any ideas (wold have to fit inside the boundries of lego set


shouldn't this be in lego creations

how do i move it to that

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Moved to Creative Content.


Here is my Turaga (turaga taistan)

for those who are wondering yes that is a sand painted nilku Kanohi
(on the godzilla)


I've actually made a couple.

Post them?

An image of the Turaga with no background clutter would be appreciated. smiley

Feet could be bigger. But I do like the mask. It's slightly menacing, but also pretty shaman-looking. Also, the staff could use a different top. And out of curiosity, how is this CCBS? stuck_out_tongue

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I'm gonna try to make one myself and then I'll give some tips.

thats the problem i want him to be CCBS!

sorry for the clutter neutral_face

hte mask is meant to emulate the Noble huna

I've made topics for both of them a while ago.


Right here.

EDIT: So here is my attempt:

Sorry for crap quality, using my 3DS camera was the quickest way to get the photos on my computer.

the arms are too long for someone with such short legs.

I was going for this.

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Oh... It was supposed to be like nokama.

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interesting very interesting i went for a VAKAMA

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I would have given it her trident staff if I had one.

currently I'm building a new turaga for the new generation!

edit he's done.

i've used @Hewks Design for turaga (slightly modified)

to recreate Narmoto Turaga of fire (in his turaga form of course