Ceal and his finds.

Hey everyone! Great news, my builder isn’t dead.

My name is Ceal, and no, my name isn’t pronounced “Keel.”

I only bring a karambit to help defend my self.
Here are my latest finds:

Hopefully that didn’t have a curse.

What is this egg relic? Maybe a item for a ritual?

This must be from a fallen warrior. I wonder which culture it’s from.

This is way too heavy! This should be for one of my taller friends.

Now, how to carry this on my Bizzard.

Sorry for that, he just wanted to show off what I’ve built. Also, sorry for this how long post is. The next few will be shorter than this.

This is without the gray arm joints. This was also taken durring the Sceeper photoshoot.


Ay, don’t worry about long posts! I actually really enjoy it when people have lots of pictures.
Ceal is pretty good, and the artifacts are definitely creative, if not simple. good job!

Not at all.

For the MOC, it’s just a simple 2015 Protector build, with some weapons, nothing special but nothing bad

Disturbingly colorated moc.

How so?

The moc has around six colours that are clasing with eachother.