Centaur MOC With Swinging Gear Function

This is a centaur MOC I made with my winter wave collection of BIONICLE 2015 plus some extra technic pieces. It has gear function as well.


This looks like a huge CCBS Artakha Bull. smile

Nice Work!


@Ranaki_Pakewa Thank you. Also, Im still new to the comment system, so I'll be liking comments smile I don't want to double post or make a mess in the message boards.

I've added a video featuring the Centaur MOC. Enjoy!


Noice moc m8

I really like that head.

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Very impressive! His head seems a tad big and his legs a bit skeletal in some shots, but ultimately he's still super cool

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It blows my mind the functions you come up with. Great work, as always.


The functions are amazing, I wish I could know a good balance between form and function.

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