Centaur WIP (being redesigned)

So i wanted to make a Centaur chick but it didn’t come out great. Boobs to big. The back part could have been better, Couldn’t figure out a tail.
So i’m keeping the concept but the she’ll look a lot better second time around.
I hope :tongue:
Ignore the place holders for now.

And i just want to explain this since i know people will say the legs are to skinny.
I based them off of these (actually functional) robots.


ah yes,

these, the ones that get bullied in every single video

dont really like the fact that it is a centaur, but it looks cool


I would say this is a nice build. The frame would look a amazing

The textures clash quite a bit.

Changed Catergory


Maybe change the metru blue piece and add some more thickness in the legs and back

I like the idea of a cyborg centaur thing,
I agree it could be executed better but the concept gets a big thumbs up from me.

I don’t like how inconsistent it is with its textures, but with the flaws you pointed out I can safely assume the final model will be good.

I don’t know, seem about right for a centaur.
If anything the problem is the horse part looks incredibly withered, it needs considerably more mass.

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That was another thing i hope to change in the new version

@1000Purse30 The metru blue was a place holder

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I don’t really like the pipe pieces that much, there a little too big for my taste. but it still looks well done.

The horse part i was debating on making it look like a prosthetic augment thingo, so it wouldn’t have been originally her body.

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Love it. The only things I don’t like are the tubes. I’d try to make them shorter or closer to the body.

Could not figure out how to build one of these and make it look decent for the life of me.
Glad someone was able to.

The concept of a cybernetic centaur is interesting, and the execution isn’t too bad. The contrast between the smoother textures up top and the more heavily mechanical bits is effectively conveyed and transitions well. I do think some more orange could be used though.

Orisa? Issat you?

Interesting build. I’d like to see this improve. So far so good.

Basically my biggest complaint with this. Otherwise, I would say it’s nicely built, I like the spindliness of it, makes it seem good and robotic. Upon further inspection it looks a bit wonky, but the concepts are good.