Pretty neat, but he looks like he has back problems.

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Nice colour scheme :+1:

The shield is too big. It looks kind of odd to see something whose back legs are farther apart then the front legs.

The shield does look a bit big to me

Some good concepts, but definitely needs some fine tuning.

the legs are hardly bestial enough to match the centaur name.

I recommend looking at horse anatomy or something.

the hind legs should be like…

I wanna say digitigrade, but that might be a different term

I would recommend making a custom torso/skeleton, as the premade ones don’t work well here. i would recommend looking at this topic:

hope this helps.

I like it that you used the MoCO here really works here.

@Lexoander Well it can’t keep the main body up

@Nyran I wish I could but I don’t have that many pieces

@Omega_Tahu Thanks I will see what I can do

@ToaSonus I was going for like a Greek theme

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