Centauroid Bounty Hunter

This was about a 10 hour build. I don't have a name for him yet, but the idea is that he's a bounty hunter, with a centauroid build. He has a wrist mounted triple-barreled gun on his right arm, and a large shielded gauntlet on his left arm. He's almost entirely custom built, except for the head (simply a Hordika mask with horns), forearms and shins. He collects trophies from his kills, mounting most of them on the trophy rack on the right side of his back. He also has a Skrall (I think that's what it's called) shield hanging on the opposite side of his back. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the build, although the legs could use some support, and the arms (especially the left) are kinda heavy and hard to pose. My small collection has been pretty well used up though, especially a lot of my smaller Technic bits.


interesting! Other than the color, this guy could fit in as a Dark Hunter! Anyway the feat feel more lizard/monster like so maybe he's more of a lizard-taur or whatever... I like the trophy idea and the arm! This cuy could work...

Wait, how would colour prevent him from fitting in with the Dark Hunters?
I can see what you mean about it being more lizard-like than centaur-like (or horse-like?).
Other than that, I've always loved doing trophy collectors, but since I've been back into MOCing, and general Bionicle stuff, I've never gotten around to it. Quite often when I start a new MOC, I want to make something like a trophy collector, but I never end up having room in the build (I don't plan my builds much).
Anyway, thanks dude

I derped, I was pointing that out as a con of the MOC rather than as being a dark hunter, but he's still cool

Oooooh, right. Yeah, I'm starting to realise that the colour scheme isn't the best, and pretty generic. Red and black makes up most of my collection of G1 parts though, which kinda sucks.

The color scheme could use some work, but the design is a bit overkill. He needs to shed some weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I more than likely won't be working anymore on him. My parts collection is pretty limited, especially when it comes to Technic parts (which I rely on a lot in my builds). I'd be very surprised, I keep him together when I start my next build (which will hopefully be a self-MOC).

Decent MOC man. Color scheme could use some work but other then that his pretty neat.

Thanks dude. Again, I probably won't be working anymore on it. The main reason for colour scheme is because red and black makes up the majority of my collection. For my next build I'll be trying to do white and blue though.

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