Ceren the Lost (Ex-Toa of Psionics)

Ceren the Lost (Ex-Toa of Psionics)

Ceren, the Lost.

Former Toa of Psionics.

Occasional defender of travelers.

“Hey, I’m Ceren. Who’re you?”

Wayward traveler in the wilds.

Adept at using Psionic powers.

Even channels them through her great hammer.

“Huh, what’s going on down here?”

“Why can’t I remember…?”


Bio: For the last 2,000 years, Ceren has wandered the wilds in the south of the Southern Continent. She has no memory of her life before then. Anything before the day she woke up in the damp cave she now calls home is blank. She now travels the wilds alone, occasionally aiding travelers in peril. She has yet to venture into any of the heavily populated cities along the coast in the last two millennia, even after the massive quakes that rocked the world a century ago. Ceren doesn’t know why she won’t venture into the cities. Indeed, most of her own self is a mystery.
There is one thing Ceren is certain of, however: though many a travelling Matoran have called her a Toa, she is not comfortable with using that title…

Personality: Ceren is a soft-spoken individual. This is largely due to her isolated lifestyle. She is, however, quite intuitive and perceptive, even without the use of her Psionic powers. She enjoys the company of others, but her spirit is constantly drawing her away to her lone, wandering ways, though she cannot fathom why. At the very least, Ceren knows she is enjoys helping and protecting others, when the opportunity arises.

Tools/Abilities: Ceren bears the Mask of Conjuring, which allows her to verbally program a limited power into the mask for a brief period of time. She carries with her a great battle hammer, through which she can channel her elemental powers. Like all Ce-Toa, Ceren has powers over elemental Psionics, with all of the abilities that grants.

Ceren is the result of my Build-a-Toa project I hosted on Instagram months ago! Her element, color scheme, name, tool, mask, and even her identity trauma rooted in amnesia were all voted on and decided by my followers over on Instagram.


followers where, though?

I don’t think I’ve seen light blue, gold and keetorange before. The latter two are two very similar colors, and usually that premise doesn’t work together, but it works well enough here that I had to do a double take to determine they were two different colors. My biggest criticism will have to be the torso, the chest especially. I’m not opposed to Nuva shoulder boob plates on principle, what I am opposed to is their use on a MOC that is otherwise more angular and texture heavy. A chest design based around slizer feet, Metru chests, or possibly even Metru shoulders would be more in line with the rest of her.


Nice moc! The build is pretty cool and I really like that lore, stuff like that is always fun to read through. However, I do agree with Hawkflight in that the smooth chest doesn’t quite fit with the very greebly, studded nature of the rest of the moc, but other than that it’s neatly done

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Ope, thank you for that catch— followers over on Instagram! (Gonna have to edit that)

I absolutely see what you’re saying, yeah. The use of the Nuva shoulder armor was largely dictated by them being a part in pearl gold I had available, and there not being an abundance of pearl gold elsewhere. But I definitely see how the smooth curves somewhat clash with the angular nature of the rest of the build :thinking: