Cerith: Master of Ice(G2 secondary SelfMOC)

A lil while ago on mocpages, a group sprung up about a self-insert rp using matoran, I decided to revamp my character in that in g2 as a secondary SelfMOC.

Introducing: Cerith, Master of Ice

Have some Teaser pictures. Click the link dangit.


Oh hey so I’m not the only person who wanted to make a Toa out of my LotMU selfMOC

He looks good for a simple build.

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That head tho…
Why did you put stickers on kopaka’s armor?
such a waste of good parts


Cool, but the hand/connectors on the body look really out of place when every thing else is so smooth. Other than that cool if a little bit basic :slight_smile:

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The Nuva Shoulder piece was on the original matoran character, so for sake of recognizability n stuff, it stayed. The stickers on kopaka’s armor, yeah good point I guess I just felt the need to add the stickers when building the original set. Now that I notice that it’s starting to bug me gosh darnit.

Absolutely love the Minigun design!

Don’t mean to be ‘that guy’, but why is there red on a Master Of Ice?

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the blood of his enemies?


I just liked the color combo and didn’t wanna make a solid white/silver character or a Kopaka 2015 clone. And yeah the blood of his enemies makes quite a bit sense actually, lol.


so blood ice?


That makes sense too. I never really put much thought into the story of MOCs or why I chose that design and how it fits into said story. I generally just go “Oooh that looks nice” and slap it on 'em.


Holy crap that chaingun…

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