Certain Mask of levitation Proposal

So, let’s say that hypothetically someone was to make Kanohi Miru out of actual solid gold and offering it to @Eljay as a marriage proposal. What would be approximate percentage of Eljay saying yes? No biases of personality or familiarity included, just the solid golden Miru used as a proposal ring.

Asking for a “friend”

It would be 100% likely he would accept (as long as he has a good relationship with the girl proposing to him)

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If I were to look at things literally, seeing as how guarded he is (look at how long he never showed his face), I’d say it’d be a 0%.

However, Eljay would probably take the mask anyways, either stealing from or binding himself to whoever presents it.


If it’s been a relationship for a long time, and the two are perfect for each other, and Eljay knows it, then I’d say almost 100%.