CHANGE! Gettaaaa One!

Hello once again. Decided to post a little- Wait, no. this guy ain’t little. He’s like, 10-12 inches.
Anyways, Brought to you by the Getter Rays of LEGO System, I present Getter One!

Yea, this guy ain’t small.
Also, he isn’t truly Getter One without his…

yea, two, one for each hand. Didn’t take too many pics of him before I scrapped him for another moc, but I did get one action pic of him:


I’m going to guess that this is based on some mecha.

The MoC reminds me of Transformer’s G1 designs. I think it’s better to aim for a sleeker style, because I think there’s more potential for complexity in that aim, but I’d still say this is a good MoC. Nice work.

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It’s based off the 90’s rendition of a 70’s mecha, @ToaSonus :


Oh, this is really groovy.

I wish it didn’t have that many exposed studs… But what ya going to do about that, Am I right?


Yea, I have very few smooth plates to cover up things.

Besides, these, along with a selfie, are the only pics I took before I scrapped it, because I only have so many joints.

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This is a really nice use of system! It is a very nice MOC with effective custom builds. It has a very vibrant and consistent color scheme with some nice accents. I really enjoy the aesthetic of the MOC, giving a Gundam look, with works nice with LEGO.

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I do like system mocs, but have you tried going with curved/smoother pieces in my opinion I think it would make it 10x better

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Did I accidentally go back in time to 1986?

(A really nice looking classic build. Great job!)

@Darth_trevan, I do not too many curved pieces, or any smooth plate parts.
@MaskmakerOfLight, thanks!
@CarumSarene, No, ya went back to the 70’s, and then forward to the 90’s.

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Oh okay. XD

If only bionicle was around in the 70’s/,80’s