Chaos Art dump: Who Cares Again?

here’s a large dump of stuff i’ve done over the length of the week and stuff.

Space Related Crap

These next few were made with VoC.

This took around 15 hours to “finish” and consists of over 100 billion points

These have over 30 billion points plotted

And Finally, these were made using the Mandelbulb tool in VoC, which i had finally got working due to GLSL problems with my PC

ok glad you guys looked and stuff leave a like or a heart or whatever if you like 'em. peace.


My favorite is the 10th dimensional examiner as its the only one with a “narrative”. The crimson cocoon looks like a croissant put on a mirror :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if you could make animated gifs out of these…


These are beautiful!

I don’t know what this is.

But I like it.

Quite astonishing, the ones made using the Mandelbulb tool in particular stand out to me.

They look… interesting (?)

oh yeah i definitely could if i save them as avi frames. it’ll take a while tho so yeah.

I love theese, i would love to print one out. But I don’t have color to print a color version

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